Wednesday, April 2, 2008


(that I thought would be helpful for our trip)
* Fewer bubbles

Less is more when using soap for sink washing. Fewer suds requires less rinsing.

Spot clean areas with a travel-sized stain remover instead of soaping the whole garment.

* Stain stick

If you don't plan to wash your clothes until your trip is over, carry along a stain pretreatment stick. Taking the time to use it on stains before they set ensures that they will wash out when you get home.

* Boxers, not briefs

Wear nylon or silk under garments - avoid 100-percent cotton because it takes longer to dry.

* Drain Plugs

Pack a flat drain plug; the one-size-fits-all kind that lays over the drain without having to be inserted. The plug allows you to convert any sink into a laundry sink.

Here are some tips for dealing with dirty clothing on the road:

* Bring baggies

I'm talking about plastic storage bags. The kind that are bigger than a sandwich bag, but way smaller than a kitchen garbage bag. And make sure you get the kind that zip shut.

This is for laundry that hasn't dried thoroughly, damp face cloths, wrung-out-but-wet bathing suits and other damp stuff that shouldn't get mixed in with the rest of the week's wardrobe. You're not just worried about getting dry clothes wet; mold and mildew grow rapidly in humid climates and can turn your suitcase into a giant, stinky petrie dish.

* Dirty duffel

Bring a lightweight, nylon duffel bag for your laundry. As your clothes get dirty, move them out of your suitcase and replace them with souvenirs. You'll end up with an extra bag to check for the return home, but you won't have to juggle an armload of shopping bags filled with fragile things. Plus, you get your smelly clothes far away from your fresh shirts and pants.

This is an outline of this great post that I came across. The original post came from TRAVEL TIPS at Go check them out for other cool stuff.

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