Friday, April 18, 2008

Shelly's SWI & Orphanage Gifts

Our agency suggested bringing 10-12 small gifts and to plan for a couple extra for unexpected people whom we would want to express gratitude toward. The gifts above were purchased for the orphanage director, notarial officers, coordinators, interpreters, and orphanage nannies. We decided on buying multiples and then grouping the gifts as we wrap them while we are in China. We are going to take the set of gift bags and tissue paper (which came pre-sorted to match perfectly) that we purchased at Target to wrap the gifts in China. Here is what we purchased to give:

  • 4 Old Navy winter scarves
  • 2 Old Navy suit-coat hand-beaded scarves
  • 4 deodorants (made in USA) - may add 2 more for men
  • 2 men's shaving gels (made in USA)
  • 6 lip glosses (American Girl - made in OH)
  • 7 decorative soaps, handmade in CA, USA - 2 are blue for men
  • 2 necklaces made in Italy - Thailand
  • 2 pairs of earrings - USA and France
  • 6 Jelly Belly bags of candy
  • 12 gift bag set
  • tissue paper set
  • 3 additional smaller gift bags

Above, is a photograph of some of the wonderful handmade soaps we purchased. They were made in California, are wonderfully scented, and we thought very pretty. Also, very practical. We found them at Von Maur at our local shopping mall.

We found these lip glosses at Bath & Body Works - they were made in OH, USA and have a little "American" flair. Plus, we thought they were soft colors, very wearable, and smell good too! Can't forget to mention easy to pack - and saving space!

Our agency recommends that each family plan on giving a gift to their child's orphanage as well. Some ideas they gave us:

  • baby bath products
  • diapers
  • crib sheets and blankets
  • sleepers
  • crib toys, sport toys
  • school supplies

They advised us that many families choose to purchase these gifts while in China instead of packing them, but we had already been collecting sleepers for our gift before we received that information. So we have several Carter's sleepers sizes NB - 3 months. We are planning on bringing these with us - if they fit in the luggage. If not, we will purchase what is needed in China. If they do fit, then we can use that extra space on the way home for lots of wonderful souvenirs.

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