Saturday, May 10, 2008

Evelyn's Baby Med Packing List

Here's my list for Baby Meds Challenge:

What I Have:
Purell Hand Sanitizer
Butt Paste
Baby Vapor Rub
Baby Tylenol
Liquilytes Instant Mix
Water Babies Sunscreen
Mini Travel First Aid Kit (bandages different sizes)
Alcohol Swab wipes
Health Care Travel Kit (Thermometer, Nasal Aspirator, Med Dropper,
Nail Clipper, Med Spoon, travel case)
Rice Cereal (read somewhere good for rehydration)
Off Insect Repellent Wipes (family formula low deet)
Neosporin to Go individual packets
Benadryl Individual Packets( not sure I'll need these for baby)
Cotton Swabs
Clorax Wipes
Antibacterial Wipes

To purchase still:
Humphrey's #3 Teething Pellets
Little noses saline spray

As for prescription meds, I'm going to wait and possibly get Amoxicillan (unconstitued), and prescription eye drops. I may skip the prescription meds altogether, and let a local doctor prescribe any meds if baby is sick. I also here you can get free meds left at Jennifer' Place in Guanghzou.


Berky said...

Evelyn--Do yourself a big favor and get rid of the Purell--and go for an alcohol-free product instead. 12,000 cases of alcohol-poisoning in kids 6 and under directly attributed to alcohol-based sanitizers according to the US Association of Poison Control Centers...little ones are licking it off their hands--and when you think about what happens when you apply alcohol to your hands--well, you kow it causes dry/irritated skin--and it doesn't penetrate dirt... We like a product called can find it online, or at Target, Wal-Mart and many other stores

MeiLi's Adoption Journey said...

I'll have to look into the Soapopular. However, the purell was for me. For those on the go diaper changes, when there is no soap and water around:)

Anonymous said...

You need to go to the pharmacy and purchase a half dozen hypodermic needles in a couple of sizes. China is notorious for re-using needles without proper a result they have an infectious disease ratio far higher than most of the world. My daughter, a nurse, worked for the HIV/Aids foundation for many years. Sterile needles were the first thing we threw in our suitcase. Never needed them but accidents and illness are never expected and looking down the sharp end of a dirty needle puts it all in perspective quickly!! They are super cheap and no 'script is needed, any drug store will do and there were no customs or security issues packed in our checked luggage. Sterile needles gave us the most peace of mind for the least amount of money of anything we took.
Happy travels,
Penny Richardson

Monica said...

Put the purell in your checked luggage. We made it all the way from Little Rock to China, through China, and to Tokyo before anyone said anything about it, but they said we couldn't take it on board because it was flammable.

Just a tip from experience.