Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hope's SWI Care Package

Finally I am getting these photos posted. Here is what I sent:

2 Teddy Bears

A little blanket that matches her bedding (for familiarity). Hoping we'll get that back, but it is not the end of the world if we don't

Disposable Camera

3 little bottles of maples syrup from C. Barrel

Jelly Bellys
Candied Pecans
Nail Polishs

Lip Sticks

Hand Lotions

Little photo album of me & Scott and our families

A package of receiving blankets

A little teething toy

We were told that our Orphanage ALWAYS returns the disposable cameras. I sure hope they do. I also taped Izabella's photo on all the items that were for her and nothing on the others. I also included a list of questions that Susan shared with me. Here are my pictures...

I stuffed it in a USPS Priority Flat Rate Box and it cost me about $37.00. I mailed it on a Friday and it arrived by Wednesday. Totally Worth it because I packed it full!!

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