Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wendy's Diaper Bag

My belief in packing light carries right over into my idea for packing a diaper bag. I pack just enough of what I will need for any given outing. I only like to carry one bag, so everything that I need and that the baby needs goes inside one bag. I like to have a zippered bag so stuff doesn't fall out if you have to hold tight to a baby and happen to drop your bag! I learned this lesson the hard way, but that's another story! So, one Vera Bradley bag, one bottle, a couple extra drop-in liners, an extra set of clothes/jammies, a few diapers, wipes, a lovey, sanitizer spray, chapstick, sunscreen stick, mosquito wipes, small wallet, Mom's Family calendar, a pen, and a lipstick! And that's it!

One small square tablecloth to "picnic" on whenever we want a place to sit down in the grass and play. It is the consistency of a nice cotton sheet and is from Williams-Sonoma. I have used it in all my travels!

A few Pamper Cruiser diapers...these are my favorite diapers because they feel really soft and they fit well.

A travel container of Huggies wipes

My digital camera!

A Playtex bottle with liners. My children loved the Playtex square nipples, which are a little harder to find now.

A Playtex Binky pacifier

A stick of baby sunscreen

A lightweight cotton baby blanket

A travel sized bottle of Clorox Anywhere spray

A board book

Stacking Cups

A Snoedel lovey

A Vera Bradley pencil case that I use to carry my cash and credit cards. It's wonderful!

Extra set of clothes and/or jammies

Baby Shampoo & Baby Washcloth

Aveeno Diaper Rash Cream (the best!)

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Mark & Sheryl said...

I kept lollypops in my diaper bag when I knew we would be flying. After the first flight of Lia screaming like a mad man and refusing to take a bottle to help with the pressure change in her ears, I made sure I had some with me. She sucked on it and had no problem with her ears. I did this on all the flights in China and home. I also did this when I took her to visit my parents in Florida. There are times when cheerios and raisins just dont cut it and you have to pull out the big bribery items!